We get it, you don't need/want someone super hands on in your business, but there are certain tasks you would LOVE to stop doing. 

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Ready to get that tedious task off your plate?

There are SO many benefits of working with a virtual assistant, we can’t possibly list them all! But to give you a taster; having a virtual assistant allows you to delegate tasks to someone without having to hire a full-time employee, contributing to their pension, paying for training etc. A virtual assistant is an external contractor and prides themselves on getting sh*t done!

What Are The Benefits Of Working With A Virtual Assistant?



Get in touch! The first thing you’ll need to do is to get in touch with Holly and let her know what kind of support you’re looking for. She can then evaluate your needs and suggest a package! You’ll then go through an onboarding process and arrange a start date! 🙂

How Do I Get Started?



As soon as you sign on to work with us, you will be given access to your own private Slack channel where you can send us questions, give us updates, etc. We will also be inviting you to a monthly catch up call where we can go over everything together and plan for the month ahead!

How Do We Communicate?



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